Web Performance Optimization

Local SEO allows you to be found by potential customers in your area, which will increase your sales and your impact.


What is WPO?

WPO is the optimization of your website’s load times.

A slow website can greatly reduce web traffic rates, increase bounce rates, and can even result in a drop in organic search rankings.

This WPO service helps to speed up your WordPress website performance, improve user experience, reduce bounce rate and increase conversion rate on your website.

Why do WPO?

There are many reasons why you might need WPO.

Website speed is one of the performance factors to look at when understanding how your website ranks in search engines. If your pages load faster, this will positively affect your ranking, which in turn improves the user experience.

How to do Local SEO

Now that you know why you need to do WPO, we can detail the steps to follow when doing WPO.

1. Speed testing:

These tests will be used as a benchmark to compare the improvements at the end of the process.

2. Hosting Review:

I will review the hosting configuration and may suggest a hosting change. If necessary, I will make updates, adjustments, and improvements to your server configuration.

3. WP review and update:

This also includes the installed plugins and updating them, and I will also review the plugins and may recommend using fewer plugins, especially those known for slowing down websites.

4. Cache configuration:

One of the most important elements fundamental when optimizing your WordPress.

5. Reporting and tracking:

We will deliver reports that track and analyze the results obtained, optimizing based on these analyses.

Why improve your PageSpeed Insights score?

Page Speed Insights is a free tool offered by Google with which you can measure and evaluate the loading speed of a website on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being the best possible result.
It affects both SEO to marketing and online conversion. WordPress speed optimization has lasting value for your business.

WPO also has several advantages that make it one of the best strategies that you can do for your business; we can highlight:

WPO optimization
  • It positions you both in Google and Google maps.
  • Visitors will enjoy using your website and stay longer on it.
  • Helps SEO and SEM.

Some of the techniques I use.

user experience

Improve the user experience

Help SEO

Helps SEO.

Bounce rate

Lower bounce rate.


Reduces server resources

Help SEM

Helps SEM


Reporting and follow-up

Answers to Your Questions

Throughout all this time working in the world of marketing, I have been finding a number of questions, and that’s why I decided to make this FAQ, also if you have any questions or want to ask me something, I’m available 24/7 just fill out the form.

How fast will my website be?

Every website is different, but my goal is a load time of around 3 seconds. Most of the time less than 2 seconds.

What if something breaks when you do the web optimization process?

Don’t worry. First, I will make a backup of your site.

Can we see guaranteed results?

No one can guarantee search engine rankings through SEO. Google updates its search algorithms several times a year, and I make sure to employ white hat best practices to allow you to rank higher in local search results sustainably

What data do I need to speed up the loading of your web page?

I need the complete hosting access data and your website administrator access data.

Why is there no fixed price for speed optimization?

Every website is unique. Each site is built differently, hosted differently, and may have different problems. Your website may be in better condition than another and not need as much work to fix the issues.

Let's optimize!