SEO and Digital Marketing

Hello, I’m Eneko SEO freelance in Dubai,

My objective?

Increase your sales, get more customers, and improve your visibility.

SEO in Dubai

What can I do for you?

The answer to this question is easy: get more visibility and earn more money, and for this, I will do the following services:

SEO campaigns for business


A website by itself does not attract customers which is why it is so necessary to work on the SEO of your website offers also a better user experience.

SEM campaign for business


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the way to advertise on a search engine with the goal of attracting more traffic or increasing sales.

WordPress web Design


WordPress is the ideal software to develop a website very easy to manage, and that will allow you to manage the website yourself in the future.

Why choose me as your SEO consultant.

Hola, I’m Eneko Armada, and I am an SEO expert from Spain. It was during my studies in Applied Psychology to Marketing that I found my passion for SEO.

Since that time, I have been continuously learning and improving my skills in the field.

Currently, I reside in Dubai and work as a SEO professional, helping businesses to increase their online presence and reach their target audience by improving their website traffic and search engine rankings.

I am always looking for new and innovative ways to improve my skills.

Why my SEO services are different than others

You may be wondering why you should hire me as your SEO consultant instead of someone else.

For me, the answer is clear:

different SEO consultant in Dubai

Your project is unique

I stand out from other SEO professionals because I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

Personalize services.

I personalize my services to meet each client’s unique needs.

Long-term relationship.

I’m all about building long-term relationships with my clients and providing ongoing support and guidance.

Follow the SEO trends.

I stay up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and techniques to ensure that my clients receive the most effective and efficient services possible.

Going further.

I continue to study and learn about SEO because the field is constantly evolving, and I want to ensure that I am providing my clients with the most current and effective strategies possible.

Personalized attention

I will attend to all your doubts in a personal way, besides having a briefing before starting and after the delivery to apply the contents, if necessary.


I adapt to my clients, whether you are a large company or a small business, my SEO strategy and my analysis are adaptable to all circumstances.

Direct comunication

There are no intermediaries, so you will speak directly with the project manager and answer several questions simultaneously (delivery date, invoicing,…).

Do you want your business to grow?

So you need an SEO specialist. Let’s have a look at a few facts.

Local business

78% of mobile searches for local businesses on Google lead to a purchase

SEO vs social networks

Traffic generated by SEO is 1000% higher than traffic generated by social networks.

First page

99.22% select only the first page results and only 0,78% select other results


What my clients say about me

Eneko is very accommodating as well as super professional and responsive, communication with him has been really smooth and clear. We had a few extra questions and requirements and he was happy to answer them and help us out with everything else, he goes out of his way to deliver an excellent work that fits with your needs. Really recommend it!

Roberto Ruiz

Founder, Adock

Working with Eneko was great, he gave me the product on time, he helped me by giving me an excel in which everything is organised by colour to make it easier to understand, he also defined everything and answered all my questions and finally he gave me a very valuable extra gift. I will definitely work more with him

Marisa Garcia

He provided me with a very thorough SEO analysis and his communication was exceptional throughout the process. I really appreciated the attention to detail and speed of service delivery. I would definitely work with Eneko again in the future and would recommend him to anyone needing similar services.Thanks for everything!”

Daniel Crisan


   Answers to Your Questions

Throughout all this time working in the world of SEO, I have been finding several questions, and that’s why I decided to make this FAQ; also, if you have any questions or want to ask me something, I’m available 24/7. Just fill out the form.


What is an SEO consultant?

An SEO consultant is an SEO specialist who is dedicated to the analysis and optimization of sites to improve their position in Google, increase their visibility and help them get more traffic.

Why invest in SEO if you already invest in advertising?

SEO, while not free, requires a smaller investment and, when it pays off, can achieve much higher revenues than any other digital marketing strategy.
In addition, all SEO actions are cumulative, so the more you work on them, the more solid they will be.
Last but not least, if you invest in advertising, the size of your budget is a determinant of your reach; this does not happen in SEO.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is a concept introduced with the creation of Google My Business. It is based on the positioning of a website according to its area of work or influence. This means that it works in certain municipalities and localities.

How long does it take to see SEO results ?

The time needed to see results in an SEO strategy varies depending on the project and the investment made. Even so, the progress will be evident from the implementation of all the corrections marked in the SEO Audit as well as from the moment we start to increase the authority of your website.